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“Drawing Better Connections” via an
Innovative New Graphite Kitchen Finish

“Drawing Better Connections” via an Innovative New Graphite Kitchen Finish

Arclinea’s new ethical design manifesto Drawing Better Connections promises to consider our impact on the world and the people within it.

“In order to allow our global future to flourish, we must find innovative and regenerative applications for materials the Earth provides us with, protecting their existence and extending their lifecycles.”

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Arclinea strives to minimize its impact on the environment through the creation of high-quality, durable products and the sourcing of less harmful raw materials.

Launched at Milan Design Week 2023, the key player of this edition is g_cover, an innovative finish for the wood panels of our kitchens, by B Corp-certified company Alisea Recycled and Reused Objects Design.

This elegant kitchen finish adds a new layer of design excellence to Arclinea’s portfolio of kitchen innovations, yielding a unique grey tone produced using upgraded-recycled graphite powder — a byproduct of electrode production.

By introducing this new coating, we are able to contribute to the recycling of a precious mineral that is otherwise lost to damaging landfill sites.

G_cover’s impressive material properties enhance the durability of Arclinea’s kitchens, protecting wood from light and signs of aging.

Graphite Kitchen Finish - Arclinea G Cover Diagram

1. graphite block, a precious mineral 2. graphite electrodes produced by Tecno EDM 3. graphite powder, byproduct of the production process, is recovered by Alisea 4. recovered graphite is transformed into an innovative varnish – g_cover 5. g_cover is applied to Arclinea’s kitchens wood panels

Graphite, moreover, is a non-toxic mineral that is repurposed and recycled in Italy through traceable supply chains that generate social and environmental value for every party involved.

Arclinea’s adoption of g_cover for the wood panels of our kitchens represents the first step on its journey toward having a positive impact on people, and a minimal impact on the environment.

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