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As we renovate our showroom to make room for new kitchen displays, these final vignettes must all go. Make an offer today on some of the best bathroom and kitchen furniture available.

One special bathroom with marble counter, unique sink, mirror, accessories and illuminated cabinetry.

Dining table, floating sideboard / credenza, a custom wooden table, and two combinable bookshelves.

Call us at 212-447-4000 ext. 1 to see the product first-hand, or to make an offer.
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Glass Vanity & Wall Cabinetry – 70% OFF

Bespoke Vanity, Bemade Cabinetry

Bronze Glass, Wood Open Cubbies, Cristalmood Sink, and Marble Countertop

The Bespoke Vanity with Bronze Framed Glass Drawer and open Wood Illuminated Cubbyholes, with mirror, Terra Cotta Hanging Bar, adjacent wall cabinet with Ribbed Glass and illuminated shelving.

Fume Cristalmood resin sink.

Reflex Bathtub not included.

List Price: $21, 540
$6,500 plus tax and delivery

DINING Table – 60% OFF

Maxalto Pathos Table

Large Table

Maxalto Pathos Calacatta Gold Polished Marble dining table, with chrome legs, near mint condition. Three meters long! Fantastic Value (normally lists for $19,000).

Please click here for shape, height, and full technical information.

  • Maxalto Pathos table by B&B Italia
  • Calacatta Gold glossy marble top
  • Chrome legs
  • Largest size available (3 meters long)

List Price: $19,000
$8,000 plus tax and delivery

LARGE Table – 60% OFF

Large Wood Table and Benches

Custom Wood Table & Benches on Glass Legs

Please click here for measurements.

  • One Of a Kind “Floating” Wood Table
  • Custom Benches
  • Floating Glass Legs

List Price: $9,000
$3,600 plus tax and delivery


A Touch of Elegance

Elegant Bookshelves

Bookshelves can be combined and cut to any height.

  • Nordic Oak Bookshelves with 4cm Thick Shelves
  • Nordic Oak Countertop
  • Nordic Oak Base Units, large and impressive proportions

List Price: $18,200 total
$3,000 each side or $5,000 total
plus tax and delivery


Wall Mounted Sideboard

Elegant Sideboard

  • Wall mounted sideboard with three deep drawers
  • Calacatta gold glossy marble top
  • Avorio glossy lacquer
  • Champagne Convivium Professional handle

List Price: $12,400
$3,720 plus tax and delivery


Reflex Cristalmood


Freestanding vanity

Piana in Matte White



Panta Rei in Matte White


Call us at 212-447-4000 (ext. 1) or visit us for pricing, measurements, and further details.
Open Monday-Friday 10-6 and by appointment.

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