The Arclinea Collection is a world of products, reaching right across the board and sharing a common thread to form a recognizable, inimitable whole, in which every new product integrates and enriches the previous one.

Arclinea Italia Kitchen Collection


Arclinea Convivium Kitchen Collection


Arclinea Lignum et Lapis Kitchen Collection


Arclinea Thea Kitchen Collection


Arclinea Beta Kitchen Collection


Arclinea Principia Kitchen Collection


Arclinea Exclusive Manufacturing Process

The Arclinea product is rendered unique by exclusive production processes, the outcome of skilled artisanship that has never been lost, fueled by constant research.

Tradition and professionalism combine with technology, and one visit to the Arclinea factory makes this clear. Along the various stages, manual activity alternates with automatic processes… like the production of the Lignum et Lapis door, or manual application of the Italia recessed handle, an exclusive Arclinea patent.

The Arclinea Collection is an abacus of exclusive, differentiating elements, reaching across different styles, yet sharing a common thread: a recognizable, inimitable exemplar.

Every new product integrates and enriches the previous one, because it corresponds to new criteria of use and new applications. Spaces, functions, tools and flows are all linked by a common ‘architectural’ matrix, insuring every product designed, and every translation of the same in homes, meets the needs of tangible, creative, shared, everyday use.